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Electric Injection Molding Machines At the Height of Injection Molding Machines Editor    |    2019/08/25
'Electric Injection Molding Machines' At the Height of Injection Molding Machines,       LS Mtron captivates customers with energy savings and precision!Electric injection molding machines, which have reached the last peak in the development process of injection molding machines, have shown a steady sales increase in the industry due to the advantages of cost reduction..

Smart packaging shapes a healthier world Editor    |    2019/06/28
Smart packaging shapes a healthier worldThe word “smart” or “intelligent” has become a buzzword in the development of many industries, and packaging is no exception. The latest smart packaging solutions offer new possibilities of more e ffectiveness, convenience and personalization for pharmaceutical and health related products, empowering individuals and caregivers to achieve better health ou..

BMW sees potential of 3D printing in new business models Editor    |    2019/06/02
BMW sees potential of 3D printing in new business modelsAudrey LaForest"We believe that additive manufacturing might change the way that we could produce our cars or components in the future in a dramatic way," said Dominik Rietzel, BMW Group's head of additive manufacturing in the non-metals division.Detroit — As additive manufacturing matures, improvements in the technology can h..

Symbio JV to push fuel cell technology Editor    |    2019/04/26
-Symbio JV to push fuel cell technologySymbioA Symbio fuel cell system.French auto suppliers Fauecia SA and Michelin are working together to accelerate automotive fuel cell technology.The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding to create a joint venture in Symbio, previously a subsidiary of Michelin, according to a Michelin spokesman. The company will develop, produce and market hydroge..

Biomedical market sees 
in-mold printed electronics Editor    |    2019/02/16
-Biomedical market sees 
in-mold printed electronicsMatthew Rubinberg PhotographyKarthik Gopalan, a fourth-year doctorate candidate and researcher at the University of Clifornia Berkeley seaks at the In-Mold Decorating Association's annual symposium.San Diego — Karthik Gopalan discussed the use of printed, flexible and in-mold electronics for biomedical applications.The fourth-yea..

Growth, new products and technology: Highlights from LSR 2018 in Anaheim Editor    |    2018/12/25
Growth, new products and technology: Highlights from LSR 2018 in AnaheimPhoto by Roger Renstrom, Plastics NewsEngel Machinery Inc.'s west technical center in Corona, Calif., welcomed more than 100 people from the LSR 2018 conference for an open house with live demonstrations.Anaheim, Calif. — LSR processing, materials and markets underwent thorough reviews during the second internationa..

SPE names Automotive Innovation Award winners Aeyoung Park    |    2018/11/20
▲ Ford took home top honors as both the grand winner and powertrain category winner with its vacuum generation system for brake assist on the 2017 F-150 pickup.Automakers, suppliers, engineers and plastics experts once again gathered to celebrate a handful of industry firsts and lightweight parts applications Nov. 7 at the automotive division of the Society of Plastics Engineers’ 48th annua..

Finalists named for 2018 SPE Automotive Innovation Awards Aeyoung Park    |    2018/11/07
▲ This 3D printed window alignment fixture is 30 percent lighter and cheaper to produce than a traditional welded fixture, according to Ford Motor Co. (ⓒSociety of Plastics Engineers)The Society of Plastics Engineers’ Automotive Division has selected the finalists for the 2018 Automotive Innovation Awards.Nine category finalists and one grand award winner were chosen during an Oct. 5 Blue Ribbo..

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