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New to the sector! Quicker and safer mould change with magnetic platens
2018.01.26   |   조회 : 287
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New to the sector! Quicker and safer mould change with magnetic platens 

Four ST Blow Moulding machines from the ISIT series have been recently delivered to the French toys manufacturer Smoby Toys, member of the German group Simba Dickie, which will be supplied with two other machines.

The blow moulding machines for France range from the ISIT 400 (400 kN clamping force and 5 litres accumulator head) up to the ISIT 1300 (2000 kN clamping force and 30 litres capacity).

 Two of these machines (ISIT 800 and ISIT 1300) are equipped with magnetic platens, new to the blow moulding sector, making mould change operations simple, quick and safe.

 With only 37 mm of thickness added by the magnetic platen, this system is suitable for moulds of any shape and size and does not require any special modification of the machine. The magnetic platens are sized according to the weight of the moulds and the opening force. Two centering "V" slots allow the mould to be repositioned quickly and in exactly the same position.

Benefits of equipping magnetic platens

 The magnetic platens make no longer necessary to use screws and bolts to mount the mould onto the machine: the operator is able to complete the operation in a few minutes in total safety. The system is particularly useful when coupled with quick media connections, so that the entire tool change process is further accelerated.

 The absence of moving mechanical parts eliminates any problem of wear even when there are frequent changes: the system is therefore maintenance-free, guaranteeing absolute reliability over time. In addition to reducing the tool change time, the use of magnetic platens also has a positive impact on safety: the reduction of manual activities during mould changing reduces the incidence of crush or cut injuries.

 The magnetic platens mounted on ST Blow Moulding machines are characterized by magnetic adhesion both on the mould side and on the side of the machine platens. The adhesion is therefore optimised across the platen surface, without flexing and deformation during the blow moulding phases (as opposed to traditional screw anchoring systems, which only hold the mould at certain points). The two half-moulds are perfectly aligned and consequently friction on the clamping platens is eliminated.

 All magnetic platen controls have been integrated into the machine software and are monitored via a Euromap 70.1 connection, except for the platen magnetization and de-magnetization, which is controlled by an independent safety control panel.

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