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Chinese plastics processing industry to stay on growth track Aeyoung Park    |    2018/06/05
According to the latest data of National Bureau of Statistics of China, the number of plastics processing enterprises at designated sizesin China increased from 12,963 in 2011 to over 15,000 in 2017.Meanwhile, the production volume of plastic products in China totaled75.155 million tons in 2017, representing an increase of 3.4% whencompared to the previous year...

PP prices continue 2018 rocket ride, with PET also up and PS down Aeyoung Park    |    2018/06/04
North American prices for polypropylene resin continued their wandering ways in May, jumping 7 cents per pound after falling by that same amount in the previous two months combined.Regional prices for PET bottle resin also ticked up an average of 2 cents per pound in May, with solid PS prices declining an average of 4 cents, according to market sources contacted recently by Plastics News.The 7-cen..

Opportunities soar in North American plastics market Aeyoung Park    |    2018/05/15
Opportunities soar in North American plastics marketThe US, Canada and Mexico are the most important plastics markets in the North American continent. The plastics industries in these three countries are expected to set high due to different reasons. Nevertheless, the NAFTA negotiation is critical in the development process of this regional market.Growth remains strong for the US plastics industry..

Euromap unveils first digital 4.0 standard Aeyoung Park    |    2018/05/10
Euromap unveils first digital 4.0 standard▲ Arburg's Heinz Gaub, left, and Thorsten Kühmann, secretary general of Euromap,discuss Industry 4.0 at NPE2018.The European machinery association Euromap is introducing what it's calling a significant step forward for the development of Industry 4.0, releasing the first common digital standard that allows machines from different companies to ta..

Plastic materials shine bright with a future in LED market Aeyoung Park    |    2018/05/04
LED lighting is a growing market and is out selling other lighting technologies. Thanks to the developments of plastics technology, the majority of LED lighting products can benefit from the use of plastic materials for higher efficiency and more design freedom.In addition to their high energy efficiency and luminous efficacy, LEDs also offer a long service life and feature low maintenance costs,..

China, US add plastics to their trade war Aeyoung Park    |    2018/04/10
China, US add plastics to their trade warAn escalating trade war between the United States and China is hitting the plastics sector with Chinese officials announcing tariffs on 106 U.S. products, including plastics, and the U.S. targeting machinery and molds.Both nations are eyeing a rate of 25 percent. Final numbers and the effective dates of the new tariffs have not been finalized. The list of U..

The emerging production shift of the Chinese plastics industry Aeyoung Park    |    2018/04/02
The emerging production shift of the Chinese plastics industryIn recent years, China has been implementing the strategy of open economy and regional developments, and therefore the infrastructure and investment environment of the central and western regions were significantly improved. The industrial developments in the cities of these regions are picking up momentum very quickly.According to the..

Intelligent Models for the Process Set-up of Injection Molding Aeyoung Park    |    2018/03/29
Plastics Industry 4.0Machine learning is a way to facilitate the process set-up on an injection molding machine and, in the longer term, to automate it. How can a production system autonomously optimize itself with regard to the pre-defined quality characteristics of the manufactured parts?Optimization of the setting-up process for injection molding has been a research topic at Institute of Plasti..

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