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Fakuma 2018) Wittmann Battenfeld to unveil new Vpower vertical molding machine Aeyoung Park    |    2018/08/20
▲ VPower 160 vertical molding machineWittmann Battenfeld will present its new vertical molding machine Vpower at the Fakuma fairgrounds. With this machine model, the company is now also offering its vertical machine series in the PowerSeries design.The prototype of the new VPower was shown for the first time in June of this year to customers and business partners. At the exhibition, the func..

Ocean Cleanup uses plastics to remove plastics, litter, from the Pacific Aeyoung Park    |    2018/08/10
- The Ocean Cleanup has successfully tested a free-floating system to collect ocean plasticsThe Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit group trying to tackle plastic pollution with technology, says it has successfully tested a free-floating system to collect marine debris from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and will deploy it in early September.The Rotterdam, Netherlands-based group designed a passive system..

Fakuma 2018) Plastics Industry: Unbroken Demand Aeyoung Park    |    2018/07/30
- Fakuma Brings Together Current Range of Offerings and Concrete DemandFrom sports cars to consumer products, from ophthalmic lenses and packaging materials right on up to yoga mats – today, more and more products are made of high-tech plastic materials. End-user requirements with regard to precision, durability and weight are increasing along with demand for low-cost items. Top-quality supp..

Let's not take sides: No one supports ocean pollution Aeyoung Park    |    2018/07/05
We can add the G7 group of industrial nations to the list of organizations pushing for improving plastics recycling and reducing production of single-use plastics.Five of the G7 member nations signed a non-binding Ocean Plastics Charter on June 9, after a meeting in Quebec. While the United States and Japan did not sign, they haven't spoken out against it. Even the footnote apparently added by the..

NPE 2018) NPE2018: The Plastics Show Kicks Off Record-Breaking Show In Orlando Aeyoung Park    |    2018/05/08
Attendees from Around the World Convene to Uncover All that Plastics Has to OfferNPE2018: The Plastics Show officially kicked off today. The Opening Ceremony included remarks from Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs, Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) President and CEO William R. Carteaux, PLASTICS Chair of the Board of Directors Wylie Royce and NPE2018 Chair Glenn Anderson. Bigger and better..

NPE2018) The Plastics Show Is The Largest In Show History Aeyoung Park    |    2018/05/04
NPE 2018 re-opens with the biggest show spaceThe Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) producers of the triennial plastics tradeshow NPE today announced that 1.2 million square feet on the NPE2018: The Plastics Show exhibit floor has been sold to exhibitors, making it the largest NPE in show history. With the May 7–11, Orlando, Fla.-based show being just a little over one month away, the..

NPE 2018) NPE2018 Announces Expert Super Sessions On Industry 4.0 And Other Trending Topics Aeyoung Park    |    2018/05/04
Plastics Industry Experts Present their Thought Leadership at NPE2018: The Plastics Show The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) today announced Expert Super Sessions, a new educational component of NPE2018:The Plastics Show which will provide a forum for plastics industry experts to give an insider’s look into the latest technical insights and innovations driving next-generation t..

NPE 2018) Chinese toolmakers make trip to NPE under tariff clouds Aeyoung Park    |    2018/04/12
Chinese toolmakers make trip to NPE under tariff clouds           The city of Huangyan, in Jiangsu Province, China, would be unknown to many in the plastics industry for sure but it’s well represented at NPE, with at least six toolmakers making the trip half-way round the world to Orlando. Like many industrial cities in Eastern China..

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