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£300,000 funds to develop lighter and more durable rail bogies Aeyoung Park    |    2018/02/02
£300,000 funds to develop lighter and more durable rail bogies Research at the University of Huddersfield could lead to new generations of railway vehicles with carbon fibre frames and key components made using the latest 3D printing technology.▲ The Institute of Railway Researcher's Professor Simon Iwnicki in the Institute's test rigThe investigation of novel materials and ma..

New to the sector! Quicker and safer mould change with magnetic platens Aeyoung Park    |    2018/01/26
New to the sector! Quicker and safer mould change with magnetic platens  Four ST Blow Moulding machines from the ISIT series have been recently delivered to the French toys manufacturer Smoby Toys, member of the German group Simba Dickie, which will be supplied with two other machines.The blow moulding machines for France range from the ISIT 400 (400 kN clamping force and 5 litres a..

Injection molding makes possible compact and quiet water pump Aeyoung Park    |    2018/01/02
Injection molding makes possible compact and quiet water pumpGrundfos, a leading heavy-duty industrialpumps producer based in Denmark, decided to venture into the consumer market.Injection molded parts proved to be the answer for efficient and high volumeproduction of its SCALA2  water boosterpump.Grundfos’s heavy-duty industrial pumps are made almost entirely out of cast and machined metal...

TPE fills role efficiently in both interior and exterior vehicle parts Aeyoung Park    |    2017/12/28
The automotive industry is one of thelargest and fastest-growing markets for thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). Used inboth interior and exterior applications, these tiny TPE parts make the car“complete”, helping to fulfill the requirements of automakers with efficiencyand cost-effectiveness. ▲ Weather resistance and adhesion to extruded and foamed EPDM profilesare important criteri..

A fiber-reinforced asphalt paving product Aeyoung Park    |    2017/12/28
A fiber-reinforced asphalt paving productForta Corporation combines high-performance synthetic materials with unique designs and shapes, to offer the international construction market fiber reinforcement products that control cracking and add long-term durability to a wide variety of concrete and asphalt applications.▲ A fiber-reinforced asphalt paving productThe use of fibers to reinforce buildi..

Even more cost-effectiveness for lightweight construction that is ready for series production Ms. Kang    |    2017/08/10
- KraussMaffei is presenting groundbreaking solutions from the Injection Molding and Reaction Process Machinery business areas at the Composites Europe trade show- Automation as a driver of innovation for production processes ready for large series production- New iPul pultrusion system provides for a doubling of production speed- Intelligent automation concept saves cycle time during the FiberFor..

Why Injection Mold Makers Need Lean Manufacturing Ms. Kang    |    2017/06/12
By Usman Siddiqui  ean manufacturing helps makers create lean techniques that can assist in building and maintaining most effectual manufacturing business. Lean manufacturing techniques enable cost cutting while improving on quality and production of items in the right quantity and at the right time. One of the key principles in lean manufacturing is to achieve such benefits while eliminati..

Unilever develops technology to prevent billions of plastic sachets from entering into oceans Ms. Kang    |    2017/06/12
Through a system called CreaSolv Process, the plastic from the sachets will be recovered and then used to create new ones for Unilever products – creating a full circular economy approach   By Zlata Rodionova  ▲ The company sells hundreds of billions of products in single-use sachets Unilever   Unilever, the consumer goods giant behind brands such as Dove, Ben & Je..

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