HANDLER, Your Best Promotion Option for Korea Plastics & Mould Market
1. HANDLER is a leading magazine for Korea plastics & mould industry.
We publish HANDLER, monthly print magazine, and run the biggest online community for Korea plastics & mould industry. We deliver advertisers’ news quickly to the market through Monthly magazine, Website, Online community, Newsletter, and Youtube channel.
2. HANDLER is the sole agent of CPRJ & CHINAPLAS and Plastics News for Korea market.

3. HANDLER is for those who are...
1) Aiming to EXPAND BUSINESS in Korea plastics & mold market
2) Planning to advertise your company/product/technology to Korea(through offline & online channels)
3) Looking for market information and relative DB.
4. HANDLER’s Various Contents
1) Monthly magazine with latest field news
2) Introduction of latest technology and product information
3) Youtube video channel for Technology video service
4) Online community with more than 60,000 industry members
5) Largest number of databases (for Newsletter service)
6) Online news, video, DB service
5. Korea plastics market is very open and dynamic. HANDLER has a great store of knowledge about the market, and it will be your best choice in promoting your company and products to Korea market.

If you are interested in HANDLER, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We are ready to run for your success.

Thank you very much.


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Website: www.ihandler.co.kr
Community: cafe.naver.com/parksk1972
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